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1 night Desert excursion

1 night Desert excursion/>Desert excursion

Our 1 night Desert excursion will start with a visit to the lake of the desert dunes. This lake is a miracle for Nomads, where they feed their camels and sheep. Afterward, we will continue our excursion to visit a Nomad family behind the sand dunes. We will be welcomed at their tent, and have a cup of tea with them. Our journey continues towards Miffis mines through the Rally Dakar off-road itinerary. After a while, we will drive to Khamlia village. This village is famous in the desert for its black people who came from Africa to settle in Morocco a long time ago. These people are known as Gnawa with their soul music. While we are there, we’ll visit their music house. We will be welcomed with a cup of tea and take a set to watch these black men dressed in white playing their songs. Being there, we can have an opportunity to dance and enjoy the moment. After some time, we will go for a special lunch in the desert to have Berber pizza or Couscous. After lunch, We will drive back to our hotel to get ready for our Camel excursion to the top of Sand dunes to catch an amazing sunset view. Then continue with camels to our fully prepared Berber camp for dinner and overnight under a thousand desert bright stars and quiet peaceful sky. In the morning, we will pick you up back to your hotel.

1 night Desert excursion

Note: Please contact us for any tour reservations. Thank you.

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